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Well, just got back from my trip to the small little town of Jasper, Indiana with gretchen...and what an
interesting trip it was.

First off, Her grandmothers house has'nt been interior decoratively touched since the 70's.
I'm talkin', Color themed bathrooms (complete with coordinated toilets, bathtubs ,wallpaper and tile)
Bar complete with a retro (original) refrigerator, kick ass stone work fireplaces (and going onto the bar)
just hfjhifunisuneh fantastic house, but really, you guys. i need to elaborate on these bathrooms...
well, at least the pink one.
We're talkin', maroon shag carpet, pink toilet, PINK SUNKEN BATHTUB!!!, huge ass vanity, Princess style vanity chair,
and vintage hand mirror and brush set.....this bathroom screamed the need to have a photo shoot in.
So, gretchen and I gratefully obliged, so hopefully we'll have the set of photos up on EGL soon.

oh, and one more thing, on our way home from Indiana, we hit a dear =[ and another driver in the process >.<
every one is OK tho!.....well, except the doe >.>

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I swear,
If Lady Gaga ever comes anywhere even relatively near Baltimore...I. am. there.
Why is she so catchy? D=
Je veux ton amour et je veux ton revenge~
gah, sometimes I hate the 5 years of french i took. ...meh
xD shes such a creep, I love it.

I have also recently learned (and confirmed) that a buddy of mine from high school is good friends with the infamous 'La Carmina'.
......he now wants the three of us to get together.
this should be interesting, give everyone a chance tho, right?